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Japan Teaser

Big Hip Snowboards Japan Teaser

Time 2014/05/06 Time Leave a response »

Big Hip Snowboards goes out to Japan while filming for their new movie Itinerary Part 1 in search of deep Japanese pow! Traveling around the Hokkaido area.

Itinerary: Part 1 (Japan Teaser) from Hi-Line Films on Vimeo.

Welcome to Big Hip Boards

Montana backcountry snowboarding

Time 2014/05/06 Time Leave a response »

Footage of local Missoula snowboarders repping Big Hip Boards in and around the Montana backcountry. Filmed and edited by Bobby Jahrig. READ MORE

Making a Big Hip Snowboard

Making of Big Hip Snowboards

Time 2014/05/06 Time Leave a response »

Back in 2012, when Big Hip Snowboards was just starting out of their garage, they teamed up with Hi-Line films to make this video about how they were creating their boards at the time. READ MORE

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